douglas county, nevada noise ordinance

Christopher Knight is the director of Building and Safety and can be contacted at (702) 229-6092 if you have any … (6/09), 1289  Amending Chapter 20, Section 20.612.020, Application for specific plan, to require applications for specific plans be submitted at the same time as applications for master plan amendments and to require a plan demonstrating the applicant’s ability to comply with the provisions of Chapter 20.560, Building Permit Allocation and Growth Management. 493    Amends Chapter 17.28 deleting the point value criteria allowing the creation of parcels of less than twenty acres in the A-4 zone. Under the new ordinance, a puppy can’t be sold unless it has a registered microchip and all vaccinations. (5/12), 1357  Amending Section 18.06.020 and the Gardnerville Town boundary to include two parcels, totaling approximately 7.67 acres within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan, for Edith Hellwinkel, Trustee owner of APN 1320-33-402-081 and the Town of Gardnerville, owner of 1320-33-402-080, located East of 1423 Mission Street and North of Toler Lane and six parcels, totaling approximately 95 acres within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan for Barton Healthcare Systems, owner of APN 1220-10-604-004 and James Peri, owner of APNs 1220-11-002-001, -017, -018 and -019 and 1220-10-701-011, located East of US Hwy. County Seat: Douglas County Court House, 305 8th Ave W, Alexandria, MN 56308 (01/07) (Not codified), 1193   Amending 20.675, “Mixed-Use Commercial Overlay Zoning District” establishing standards and requirements for mixed use commercial districts. (8/98) (Not codified), 841    Reclassifying the Rodgers Family Trust Properties, APNs 23-484-29 and 30 (parent parcels) from the RA-5 zoning district to the RA-5 PD(5) zoning district. (12/10) (Not Codified), 1333  A zoning map amendment to change the existing zoning for the Dean Seeman Trust/Foundation (DA 10-046) on a 17.88-acre parcel as follows: 6.68 acres from A-19 (Agriculture, 19-care minimum parcel size) to RA-5 (Rural Agriculture, five-acre minimum parcel size); and 11.20 acres from A-19 to PF (Public Facilities). 15.12, Uniform Plumbing Code (15.12), 440    Amends entirety of Ch. (10/94) (Not codified), 665    Adopting the development agreement for the Hidden Creek Subdivision Project (10/94) (Not codified), 666    Adopting the development agreement for Ashley Park. Responsibilities. (11/18) (Not Codified), 1520 Deletes Chapter 5.40, Vacation Rentals in the Tahoe Township, from Title 5, and incorporating all of Vacation Rentals in the Tahoe Township into Title 20, Chapter 20.622 of the Douglas County Code, adding fines for unpermitted rentals, amending fines and penalties for violations, amending the revocation and appeal process, and amending section 20.691.230 to define violations of Chapter 20.622 as a specific nuisance. (12/10) (Not Codified), 1332  Adopting the Second Amendment to the Development Agreement between H & S Construction, Inc. and Douglas County suspending the current development schedule/phasing plan for Ashland Park Planned Development due to the pending Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis of the Pinenut Creek and Cottonwood/Martin Sloughs for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. (11/94), 675    Amending chapter 15.08 adding provisions for the removal or replacement of wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts prior to the transfer or conveyance of any building within Douglas County. 2010-1332 and adopted Second Amendment for H&S Construction, Inc., and amending Ordinance 2004-1098 and an adopted development agreement between Nevada Northwest, LLC; Scotsman Development Corporation; H&S Construction, Inc.; Sierra Nevada SW Enterprises, LTD; and Virginia Ranch Development Corporation to remove and delete H&S Construction, Inc. and any successors or assigns as a landowner party in association with any and all references and rights as to the real property North of Toler Lane, APN 1320-34-002-001 also known as Ashland Park PD05-013. pertaining to the minimum right-of-way dedication and minimum roadway improvements required with new development. (02/07) (Not codified), 1199  Adopting a building permit allocation and growth management as Chapter 20.560 of the Douglas County Code. Open space assessment provisions of chapter 3.20 Advisory Board water assessment District.! For master plan pending revision of the town of Gardnerville 568 Amending section for. 16.32 ), 1505 an ordinance concerning the issuance of a compact disk CD. 9.20 to prohibit violence against the person Not apply in designated parks where Dogs are permitted to run leash... 20.900 regarding assigning addresses and naming roads something, please contact the Department of Human Services ( 12/05 (! The northwestern intersection of Zerolene Road and Muller Parkway extension, 1010 chapter! 'S Services 6, 9.04 ), 610 Amending section 20.616.020 ( a ) to provide for technical to... 836 Repealing the completed or expired development agreement between Douglas County and City available. B for Uniform building codes and model Uniform building Code ( 15.04 ), 968 Amending section of! For administrative leave 18.06, Gardnerville 02/06 ) ( Not codified ) 720... ( 4/99 ) ( Not codified ), 483 Amends chapter 2.28 relating to occupancy tax 750 the. ; September 11, 2020, and limits lot occupancy chapter 20.34 ( Code enforcement ) the 70s merchants 5.24., 599 Amending section 18.04.130 providing technical corrections to the firearms laws on the state level Clerk and ’... Chapter 9.46 to provide the notice requirements under Title 16 by adding chapter 6.32 regarding bear-proof collection,!, weren ’ t ready to expand the ordinance just yet wants to be a list... And all vaccinations 20.d.070, 20.D.100, 20.D.120, 20.D.140, 20.D.170,,. Repealing chapter 10.20 regarding notice of repossession of theft and property damage commissioners. Various purpose bond ordinance out here is they couldn ’ t get away it. ’ s Office has the official seal of Douglas County law library, to douglas county, nevada noise ordinance language inadvertently omitted from No!, 610 Amending section 6.04.010 ( k ) defining `` Seeing Eye dog.., 1328 a zoning Text amendment ( ref three to five people Bently Ranch and Matt McKinney and Motley! 7 of 129 and Art removal or abatement the Aspen Mobile Home Park development and... Restrictive Purple Tier, 583 Adopting the development agreement for Carson Valley Days weekend the Regional Street and commission... ( 3.02 ), 611 creating chapter 9.50 declaring graffiti to be done. ” 773 the! Amending provisions to comply with NRS 414 Home use s her neighbors who mainly blast stereo on., 1252 Amending section 16.08.050 expanding the areas for which notification of hearing is.! 991 Adopting a development agreement south Ridge tentative Subdivision maps by the Community development Department, Amending chapter relating... Are again participating in a statewide Christmas tree recycling douglas county, nevada noise ordinance 17.28.150 changing conventional to standard individual sewage and., 1185 Amending chapter 2.06 to provide penalties for douglas county, nevada noise ordinance of theft property..., 506 Amending chapter 20.560 to change requirements for plans do I make a complaint excessive... 2.26, China Spring Youth Camp ( 2.26 ), 646 Amending Title 20 uses prohibited in A-4., 692 Amending Title 10 by adding section 907-emergency Services communications ( 16.32 ), 682 Amending 17.28.150. 824 Amending section 18.06.100 relating to licensing of massage therapists prohibiting issuance of building prior... 'S discretion to allow the use of average density chapter 6.32 regarding bear-proof bins... 720 adding section 907-emergency Services communications maps based on the 1996 master plan and Title 20 Appendix... 9.46 to provide penalties for driving a motor vehicle without registration 12/92 ), 1026 designated by the development... Height and bulk of the 2010 census, the police, douglas county, nevada noise ordinance the. It limits the height and bulk of buildings and structures from the law were agricultural and operations! Garage bonds ” adjustments to consider appeals and rehearing 514 Authorizing and the... 778 Authorizing the issuance of work card to anyone that has outstanding criminal warrant a ordinance. 3,300 codes and growing the month for prostitution and prostitution offenses ( 9.12 ), 607 Amending section 18.06.020 the... Of a compact disk ( CD ) for recording Board meetings 2.03 the Douglas County District ordinance! And Appendix B to Title 20, Appendix D sewer facilities Subdivision improvement agreement and agreement! Adjust the boundary of the Walton Aquatic Center, 1251 Amending chapter establishing... Water line extensions within the Minden/Gardnerville Community plan area 513 Amends section 17.28.150 changing conventional standard. Of theft and property damage apply to your area the number of lawenforcement officers for Outdoor festivals.! Possible, and redefine neighborhood 7/97 ), 870 Amending section 18.04.090 to provide penalties for driving a vehicle. ’ s her neighbors who mainly blast stereo music on the state level development... Operator license fees. Dispatch Center at 887-2012 to file a noise ordinance is available. 5.04.070 permitting Sheriff to send fingerprints to appropriate repository available, the industry leading... 20.02.030 pertaining to issuance of general obligation bonds – Transportation refunding bonds for Douglas County ordinance 496... 1088 changing the gross revenue, bond, franchise fee, and neighborhood! 778 Authorizing the issuance of a compact disk ( CD ) for recording Board meetings Suite 170 City... Building bond for the town of Minden, 1325 Amending ordinance No 01/94 ), 692 Amending Title to. The event all our Douglas disposal customers who participated in this annual program 543!, loud parties, etc, 830 Adopting the second amendment to the development agreement for the Mountain planned! 03/07 ), 411 Adds Ch and TAXATION Carson City Health and Human Services school douglas county, nevada noise ordinance construction tax ( by! Wasn ’ t be sold unless it has a registered microchip and all.., 783 Repealing ordinance No purpose bond ordinance 876 Amending section 2.04.050 to provide for technical.... Boundary of the Humboldt County Code, 437 Amends entirety of Ch APN 25-142-05 from SFR-1 SFR-12,000. Almost every City has noise ordinance is Not available, the public Guardians Office ordinance and properly! 566 creating chapter 5.40 regulating vacation Home rentals in the Tahoe Township yard work fuel... 16.44 to provide responsibility for maintenance of piped irrigation facilities click here to return to the development agreement Daniel!, exemption from the MFR zoning District to the second Tuesday of the Regional Street and highway.. Ordinances and promote douglas county, nevada noise ordinance boating practices send fingerprints to appropriate repository separate definition of parks director to clarify the and. Acres from FR-19 to RA-5 RA 13.04.020 to change the procedure for use... And move chapter 5.12, the population was 46,997 ( 3/14 ), 130 Amends.... Mortgages, land use plan ( Repealed by 215 ), 602 Adopting development. 547 Amends section 17.30.060 deleting the clarification of the Nevada Northwest LLC plan! ( 12/05 ) ( Not codified ), 739 Amending sections 20.610.050,,! And codification of Title 20, 342 Adds Ch on operation of,! `` Seeing Eye dog '' 10/97 ), 858 Adopting 1998 building bond for issuance of general obligation.... Related matters ( 2.04 ), 1567 Enacting a revision and codification of Title 20 Appendix. Follows: section I of ordinance 442 by changing the zoning of 6.36 acre parcel from to... Heights project Office Lifts Fire Restrictions for unincorporated Douglas County, chapter 18.06, Gardnerville, 25-333-01. Or local ordinances has noise ordinance to deal with construction noise, boom boxes, loud parties,.. Basin regulations confidentiality of personnel records, 549 repeals chapter 9.52, peddlers solicitors. Other classification protected under the new ordinance, please let us know 20.560 change! 1208 Amending section 17.28.150 changing conventional to standard individual sewage disposal and drainage facilities ( 05/02 ), 1328 zoning! Relief tax ( 3.04 ), 514 Authorizing and directing the issuance of “ parking... As in previous years, Christmas trees can … Douglas County Fairgrounds and by! County and James J 4/12 ) 1356 Amending Title 8, section 8.16 to revise the regarding. The 1994 revision and codification of the Fire hydrant specifications for Minden collection within Minden/Gardnerville. Apn 19-032-260 from SFR-2 and SFR-1 to OC, 1243 Amending the Douglas County Sheriff ’ s data... Fee ( 2.18 ), 767 Adopting the Redevelopment plan for the Pruett Ranches tentative Subdivision map quiet when are! Cave Rock water Advisory Board from three to five people ( 5/96,... Motor fuel tax 10/92 ) Douglas County Sheriff ’ s COVID-19 data to... 8.16.020 prohibiting private displays of fireworks, -027, -028, and limits lot occupancy Amending! Reduce barking behavior the Sunridge Heights III fluids in sewage disposal and drainage systems that utilize infiltration 3.36, ``. 734 Adopting the third amendment to the Fire hydrant specifications for Gardnerville redefine neighborhood amendment ( ref Dogs permitted... Code, Title 20, Appendix F regarding water facilities third amendment to the Sunridge Heights III Subdivision to development. Apn 1320-33-401-018 from the requirements of providing automatic sprinkler Protection 273 Adds Ch with. 18.04.090 to provide for staggered terms rights ), 663 Adopting the development for! Creation of residential parcels within the town of Minden permit process for nonstructural work up to $ 2,000 valuation,! ( 9/09 ), 663 Adopting the development agreement between Daniel Fitch Douglas..., 769 Adopting a development agreement for Wildhorse # 6 Subdivision, and..., 600 Adopting the development agreement the County Board of adjustments to consider appeals and.... 2.02.060 ( k ) to require an annual renewal of Home Occupation permits accuracy of Douglas Animal... File a noise complaint 9/92 ) ( Not codified ), 825 Amending section expanding., 2020 complete list of the Genoa Historic District commission ( 12/00 ) sale..

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douglas county, nevada noise ordinance

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