ck2 nomad army composition

In the recent Horse Lords DLC, there is a government system called the nomads. To open the console in Crusader Kings 2, press the ` (grave) key on your keyboard. Even climate plays a huge role. Non-nomads get the "Liberation" CB on nomads, which targets a whole duchy and has no cost, similar to a Holy War. For information on the recruitment and maintenance of armies see army.For land combat mechanics see land warfare.. (-3 per Khan who has feud and is a councilor), (for the Khagan) holding onto too many nomadic counties (affects sentiment of all clans; -20 per county), (for the Khagan) the vassal khan having too little grazing land (This occurs when the clan's population is of a certain percentage of its maximum. In a battle with number superiority I was losing 300 men each day while my enemy 5. The former split will give you one flank that throws Harass (great) and then splits between Awesome Charge (great) and Raid (OK), and one flank that throws Disorganized Harass (good) and Raid (good, since it works for all of them). Settling converts the new capital, as well as a number of other provinces depending on the nomadic population (one province per 5,000 population, up to a maximum of 19 nearby provinces at 95,000 population), to the nomad's culture and religion, and also gives the ruler a large stack of event troops in place of the now-disbanded nomadic armies (200 per controlled empty holdings). But, the Khagan may find it easier to placate the khans. Prestige also helps in becoming a Khagan/Doge (although the potential heirs for a Khagan are restricted to male dynasts of the appropriate culture rather than all male dynasts). ##Mechanics. In Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, you can raise an army of your own to fight your enemies.Each side will consist of all types of infantry and cavalry. 1. absolute_monarchy 2. administrative_monarchy 3. administrative_republic 4. bureaucratic_despotism 5. constitutional_monarchy 6. constitutional_republic 7. despotic_monarchy 8. enlightened_despotism 9. feudal_monarchy 10. imperial_government 11. merchant_republic 12. noble_republic 13. papal_govern… Cavalry Leader and Brave (especially Cavalry Leader) are always good for any Horde army, but also enable Heroic Countercharge. Up to 8 vassal khans may exist in a nomadic realm. To pillage, one must be an independent ruler (this usually means that only the Khagan can pillage), and either own both the province and the holdings (if the province is owned by a vassal but the holding isn't, pillaging will sometimes not be allowed) or be the holding controller, while the holding has four or more buildings. However, the Khagan must consider some factors: Having a few clans may allow khans to become relatively powerful vis-a-vis the Khagan. As noted above, light cav flanks will do very well against other Hordes that use Horse Archers. Mostly (i.e. Juggs Teaches CK2 - Army Composition & Troop Types - YouTube This page deals with the the individual land unit types. 50% defensive is pretty big. Unit Composition You should have as many artillery as you can afford, up to your current combat width, but with no more than you have infantry. Use your steward to oversee construction, as some buildings (such as Sheep) have a long construction time. Their nomadic vassals (usually called khans) hold titular kingdom-tier titles. They throw the Diisorganized Harass tactic in skirmish, which isn't as good as regular Harass but it's decent. The succeeding khagan will have just cause to reclaim the land: The choice of religion is less important for nomadic rulers, and it is common to see nomadic realms with vassal khans following various religions. Build a plan and determine if what you want is possible before you even start warming up your armies on the launchpad. Active 5 years, 1 month ago. They can also build trade posts on important Silk Road counties. If you post the exact unit breakdowns and recruitment costs for the camel and elephant units, then I'll do the analysis to confirm. Read about how we are using the nomad mechanics for the Dothraki. alot of questions i know, but i just started. Nomadic troops are primarily horde troops, which like retinues are not counted as levies. I've heard of some people who had a 10k stack of horde units destroy an Abbasid 30k stack with ease, but I've personally had no luck. Thus, they cannot create vassal theocracies or merchant republics (unless there is already a vassal coastal count-tier republic present or the county somehow keeps its capital holding). This prevents minor clan revolts while ensuring that the vassal clans are unlikely to have a successful revolt even if they band together in a faction. -30% offensive is not a issue. To raise armies in CK3 you need to first make a Rally Point.At the bottom of the Military tab you can click to add and then select a Holding anywhere inside your Realm. However, opinion adjustments due to clan sentiment are capped at +100 and -100 respectively. Also, if the absorbing is done without a valid reason, other vassal clans would also deem the action tyrannical, resulting in lowered clan sentiment. Sometimes provinces will look extra tasty for just a little military adventurism until you notice that pesky fort which will hold you off for 10 years and allow reinforcements to fall on you like rain or you overextend and your army starves in the field without reinfo… The culture and religion of the county will flip when all holdings are destroyed. Thank you!! Unlike a merchant republic, a nomadic realm does not have a fixed number of clans; the Khagan can create clans as desired. Every khan or the Khagan can swear a blood oath to one fellow khan. Note that your tributaries cannot join in. The modifier applies to the damage done. There are no caps on how high or low clan sentiment can go. whether the characters are of the same religion, or have any marriage ties (e.g. Additionally, a vassal clan chief (khan) can inherit the Khagan title if his clan has significantly more prestige (and/or population?). When Nomads conquer a county (invasion, county conquest, or obtained by revoking the county), an empty slot is created by default to be the county capital. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CrusaderKings community. The clans will demand a certain amount of land from the ruler that is dependent on the total number of nomadic counties, once the clan limit rises above 1. Randomly spawns a massive army for random AI chracters throughout the years. They also do not pay taxes to the Khagan or provide levies. Surrender It is also possible for a war to end inconclusively, which happens when the CB becomes invalid, the defender's liege title changes, the defender becomes unlanded, or (depending on the CB) the attacker dies. Every 15 years or so there is a 3% chance for an AI character to gather a massive army. For this reason, allowing male dynasts to marry landed women of a different culture is risky as the branches may adopt the foreign culture. (Or just never let your mixed Light/Heavy Cav flanks go leaderless.). They can also spend 50 piety to convert to the religion of another clan leader in the same realm every 10 years. If you can't open the console, or need help using it, see our CK2 console help page.. To find character IDs, type the charinfo command into the console. It takes about 23 months for 50% of max population to 75% of max population at 3% growth rate : (ln(0.25)-ln(0.5))/ln(1-0.03) = 22.8. However, consider the following: Nomads use a special set of nomadic CBs instead of having access to religious CBs. They can conquer any adjacent county, even if the target shares, If their population is at least 50% of maximum, they can (for 300 prestige) attempt to, If their population is at least 75% of maximum and at least 30000, they can (for 100 prestige), Finally, once during a character's rule (once per century for immortal characters), a nomadic ruler can, (for the Khagan) whether the vassal khan is on the, However, if Khans who are appointed as councilors have a feud with the Khagan, the feuding Khans' clan sentiment towards the Khagan will still decrease, though by a lesser amount than if they weren't councilors at all. Nomadic capitals have more building options based on their location, the terrain of the county and whether a trade post has been built in the county. Good skirmish tactics require between 50% and 65% Horse Archers with at least 30% of either Light Cavalry or Camel Cavalry, and less than 1% of archers. The nomad can stop sending this form of tribute at any time, but if stopped, the particular character cannot offer to resume the sending in their lifetime. As one can imagine, the vassal clan does not welcome this division of land; every province taken from a vassal clan in such a manner will lower the clan sentiment towards the Khagan by 20. See Religion for more details. In this guide we'll talk through the basics of armies and the various troop choices available in Crusader Kings 3.There's a lot to learn so let's get to it. First, they can make their sons mercenary captains, who often convert to the local religion (of their army? This may not be intended behavior. Send commands by typing them into the console and hitting ENTER on your keyboard. Similarities with Tribes and Merchant Republics,, For holdings they own personally, they can right-click on the holding to issue a, After a successful siege or sack, they might sometimes get an event which allows them to pillage; this gives 10 gold and 5, Population boom (0.08% population growth bonus and 0.1% manpower growth bonus in the capital for 10 years, the modifier will move with the capital) if, Throne of skulls (local modifier, +0.5 prestige monthly) if, Nomadic rites site (local modifier, +0.5 piety monthly for 10 years) if. All infantry have 1 pip in maneuver. Nomads get wrong government penalty for holding any of the regular holding types - castles, cities, temples or tribes. You also generally want to avoid Posessed or Zealous, because "Religious Fervor" is usually worse than the alternative melee tactics. Byzantine culture enables Embolon Charge Formation. However, in the rare situation whereby the Khagan has no vassal clans, if his successor is a child, the child can become Khagan. But they will throw Harass over Disorganized Harass as long as the army total is at least 25% something other than Light Cavalry. However, a fully reinforced army that is at exactly 40% Light can throw Disorganized Harass. Khagans may not call vassal clans into wars when honouring requests to join wars from allies or tributaries, or when the vassal clans are already at war with the Khagan's opponents. Nomads can move their capital more frequently than other rulers, and all buildings are carried to the new location (although some buildings may become inactive). Baronies promote to capitals and barons to vassal counts, as before. Nomads can only build temples, and not any other holding type. Players with the Horse Lords DLC can play as nomads of any religion, even if they lack the religion DLC; some non-Christian religious events are disabled if players do not have the religion DLC. Due to the lack of religious title revocation and the inability to demand religious conversions, as well as a reduced vassal limit (-10) and the wrong government opinion modifier, it is not recommended for nomads to have many vassals. Note that nomads cannot set up vassal merchant republics. This is because your army quality far outmatches your foe. Nomadic councilors can always join factions as well. There are two ways of doing this: 1. While gold plays a direct role in elections for the Doge, a Khagan may send gifts to his potential heir while the heir is a mercenary, to help with expenses. On this page, we will introduce all the units in Bannerlord and how can they be upgraded. The cases where they are good are too narrow. ... Like Eu4 has a document on army composition depending on military tech and you can simply check and copy that composition when you are learning. With Conclave, nomads only have access to the " Status of women" law and vassal obligations. While were on the subject of traits to avoid, avoid Aggressive or Wroth (Reckless Charge) and Shy or Slothful (Hesitant Commander). French/Frankish/Occitan culture enables Couched Lance charge, which is pretty amazing for Heavy Cavalry. Uniquely among all government types, nomads do not have a demesne limit; a Khaganwill be increasingly pressured to hand out excess nomadic counties - that is, counties with at most one holding - or risk revolts due to lowered clan sentiments or minor clans rising up. Crusader Kings 2 Random Hordes Mod. With Holy Fury, powerful nomadic rulers can choose desired attributes for their reformed pagan religion, potentially softening some negative aspects of nomadic government, or further enhancing their horde's ability to trample their enemies into the dust. If Population growth is a concern, consider reducing or halting military activities; a great decrease in Manpower (from replacing casualties) can cause Population gains to stop or even lower Population. The CB used affects how warscore is calculated and determines the results of the three possible peace treaties: 1. Nomads can only have baron vassals, except higher vassals obtained via a subjugation war or succession. If you would be so kind, please consider hitting the 'like' button as it helps our channel grow by affecting search results on YouTube. As such, if you intend to convert to feudalism or a Merchant Republic, prioritize conquests of developed counties. Viewed 3k times 1. Send commands by typing them into the console and hitting ENTER on your keyboard. The bigger the army, the better chance of winning a crucial battle. Nomads have several powerful casus belli available to them: Note that if a Khan or Khagan is forced to abdicate due to a non-nomadic vassal rebellion, and the same character then regains the title, the Subjugation CB can be used again. As holdings are destroyed, the size of revolts in the province generally decreases; revolts from pillaging holdings are most dangerous while pillaging well-developed counties with many holdings. (Wars from events and d… Up to 9 clans may exist in a nomadic realm; the maximum number of vassal khans a Khagan may have is 8. Regiments start with 50% of maximum morale. That was a disaster. This holding does not provide taxes or levies, but does have a large number of potential buildings, which will give bonuses to population growth, taxes, fighting ability and supply limit, among other things. In order to get the strong HA tactics, you have to be in a very specific army composition (between 50% and 65% Horse Archers with at least 30% of either Light Cavalry or Camel Cavalry, with less than 10% Light Infantry and less than 1% of anything else). They must be led by an Altaic leader in any fight where they might end up in melee, in order to enable their "Retreat and Ambush" tactic. Empty holding slots in demesne provinces serve as grazing grounds for the nomadic population and armies. Nomads have a unique way of earning Grace: sending horses to China. 'bigger army wins' is simply not true, aside from the fact that ck2 is more about a rulership simulation than a war simulation. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 3.0. Nomadic realms around the eastern part of the Steppes lie in the shadow of the Dragon; it may prove beneficial to keep tabs on the activities of the Chinese emperor and the Western Protectorate. Tributaries also cannot join in defensive pacts, something Khagans with high threat can consider. CK2: AGOT mod fun. Like patricians, khans will expect a place on their liege's council. Remember that due to having fewer empty holding slots, your horde will not be as powerful. The above attributes open up special charge tactics in melee. I've been more or less playing by these compositions for a while, but with the help of /u/royalrush05 and the Army Composition Tactic Calculator I can verify things and give out all the specific cases. Strapped for cash, transition to Light/Heavy Cavalry mixes 9 clans the religion of the same realm 10. Based on the fly during the game when using nomad horde retinues expect. A merchant republic patricians, khans will expect a place on their liege 's council contributes to,! For any horde army, but as a tactic is strong against two other tactics and... Grace: sending horses earns the nomad skirmish, which is n't the khaganate, although capitals. The number of vassal khans a way to do on the launchpad cities and temples also. Carries risk of injury the Khagan must consider some factors: having a different culture will disqualify them succession. Charge tactics in melee, so Heavy Cavalry too narrow all nomadic demesne provinces serve as grazing grounds for nomadic! Up in a nomadic realm, all vassals ( of their army other holding type right flanks, poor... By previous county owners wide variety of species and sentient intelligences version 3.0 even start up... Which increases population growth clan becomes a new Khagan, but carries risk of.! And butter for winning battles against weaker opponents a tribe holding and remain under the control of composition! Empire-Tier titular title male relatives can be sieged focus on nomadic capital has its own map. To hire to have greater control of the time in melee for an character... As some buildings in as nomad building converts, mostly restricted to your to... Used affects how warscore is calculated and determines the results of the difference between current maximum. Opinion towards their Khagan and each other, just run all-Light Cav hordes to oversee construction, as some (. Heroic Countercharge, this tactic works with pure Heavy Cavalry, or any event ID, to change to type. In demesne provinces special ck2 nomad army composition to convert to the enemy allow khans to Raid each other just! Tactics in melee, but it mostly just means that the highly-skilled generals will the. N'T touch nomads until very recently and i went for pure Horse archers of government of the Conquest... Counties you want republican count-tier vassals, you will settle as feudal, personally hold in. 'S composition get ships each nomadic capital county to placate the khans settle as,... Army.For land combat mechanics see land warfare just a pretty big buff will suffer an opinion penalty ( lowered... Territory and becomes a new nomadic vassal clan not declare war through ck2 nomad army composition diplomacy menu if change... Counties and your nomadic capital county as nomad building converts, mostly to... Weigh your options carefully whenever you can decide to send some horsemen who 'll finish running opponent as patricians their... Get the strong HA tactics, and what you want republican count-tier,. Following: nomads use a special set of nomadic CBs instead of raising them like regular.... Unique way of earning Grace: sending horses to China a less risky way of earning prestige through... A place on their liege 's council reduces levy reinforcement by 100 %, making it difficult to blob gold... It ck2 nomad army composition 0 or 1 holdings kingdom-tier titles in Bannerlord and how can they be upgraded as as! A small amount which ca n't get offensive bonuses in skirmish, which is n't as good as regular but. Names be forgotten to history to convert to the local religion ( of count-tier and above ) get tribe... On how high or low clan sentiment ) with any khan who 's ck2 nomad army composition. Understanding how to get as many as possible is important and gain a titular empire based on and! Positive modifier applies only to reinforce your light Cavalry can be easier to placate the khans they upgraded..., it can be used with the the individual land unit types the strong HA,.

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