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Some models also feature a 3/8” thread at the bottom of the enclosure to fit a robust microphone stand. Questo è molto utile quando si tratta di studi e studi domestici in quanto riduce al minimo il consumo energetico ottimizzando al contempo il valore delle prestazioni. Color options: 8320A SAM™ Studio Monitor Awards Caratterizzato da bordi arrotondati con frontali e fianchi leggermente curvi, l'innovativa tecnologia MDE raggiunge un'insuperabile planarità della Risposta in frequenza, oltre ad avere diffrazioni minime per una superba qualità di immagine del palcoscenico sonoro. This increases acoustic problems and lowers the reliability of monitoring. Binaural and in-room research both benefit from the point source radiation of The Ones series and GLM calibration, thereby limiting potential confounders.”. Special Order $ 3,995.00. Our wide range of accessories and fixed mounting points on the back of our aluminium enclosure products offer solutions to all common installation situations. (view in inches). 83xx products can level align by 60 dB. Self-generated noise This is in contrast to passive crossovers that operate at the high signal levels of the power amplifier's outputs, having to handle high currents and in some cases high voltages. 19 mm 77 € ... Genelec Logotipo Genelec Studio Monitors. Eleven 8341s handle the LCR, surround and height positions, complemented by a 7380 subwoofer. Most radiation comes from the driver, but at the vent-enclosure resonant frequency the driver displacement amplitude is small and most of the radiation comes out of the vent. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at The reflex tube terminates with a wide flare located on the rear of the enclosure for obvious reasons, minimizing port noises and providing excellent bass articulation. Professional studio monitors with 5-inch woofer and 3/4-inch tweeter. I ended up using a JBL LSR10s and I'm very pleased with this combination at both near-field and playback levels in a medium-sized room. In addition to perfect acoustical design and advanced tailoring options to optimize the loudspeaker’s behaviour to the room environment, Genelec loudspeakers offer a variety of mounting options for easy installation in different applications. In a typical 2-way loudspeaker system, the active crossover needs two power amplifiers — one for the woofer and one for the tweeter. I monitor da studio attivi 8330A della serie Genelec SAM possono essere adattati individualmente a qualsiasi ambiente di monitoraggio grazie alla loro tecnologia DSP. Mikäli sinulla on kysyttävää tuotteidemme ominaisuuksiin tai saatavuuteen liittyvissä asioissa, voit ottaa yhteyttä kotimaan myyntiimme. Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) Technology, Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) Technology. Il supporto Iso-Pod incluso può anche essere fissato alla base o al lato del monitor per il posizionamento verticale e orizzontale. Compact enough to fit into the tightest of spaces - yet intelligent enough to adapt to your recording environment - the 8320A is your entry point into the world of Smart Active Monitoring. (-6dB), H 242 artículo 2 Genelec 8010A Active Studio Monitor - White (B Stock) 2 - Genelec 8010A Active Studio Monitor - White (B Stock) 256,29 EUR +11,14 EUR de envío. The GLM 3 software is a highly intuitive and powerful monitor control networking system that manages connectivity to all SAM studio monitors and subwoofers on the network – up to 30. Questo circuito non influisce in alcun modo sulla qualità del suono, ma impedisce che segnali di ingresso inadeguati possano causare danni. Maximum short term sine wave acoustic output on axis in half space, averaged from 100 Hz to 3 kHz. The quality of the 8010A is no exception and easily worth the price. Genelec’s choice for vented, or reflex, enclosures dates back to the S30 model, the first Genelec product from 1978. They come in both classic grey and white, and feature Genelec’s Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) for uncolored sound reproduction. Basically, the low frequency limit for constant directivity is determined by the size of the waveguide, so the larger the surface the better the control. Special floor stand plates have been designed in order to fit the Iso-Pod stand that is part of our product design. Tuttavia, le politiche della garanzia estesa di Gear4music offrono un servizio avanzato, progettato per offrire un livello di protezione più elevato rispetto a molte garanzie 'gratis' offerte da alcuni rivenditori e produttori. High headroom three-way with unbelievable imaging. La tecnologia DCW modella il fronte d'onda emesso in modo controllato, consentendo una prevedibile personalizzazione del modello di dispersione. Audio electronic crossovers allow to split the audio signal into separate frequency bands that can be separately routed to individual power amplifiers which then are connected to specific transducers optimized for a particular frequency band. We listened to several models, and decided that their SAM studio monitors would be perfect for what we are doing – recording the sound of a room, and then reproducing it so the listener can switch between either the same loudspeaker in different rooms, or the same room with different loudspeakers.”, Kaplanis adds: “We wanted a loudspeaker that was as transparent as possible – so when we send something to it, we expect it to come out exactly the same. Both driver and vent contribute to the total radiation of a reflex enclosure. Aiming of the loudspeaker axis towards the listener is rarely implemented, also, unwanted mechanical vibration do propagate from the loudspeaker to the mounting surface, and first order reflection on the work surface causes comb filtering and hence ripples in the frequency response. Genelec 8020DPM Active Studio Monitor, Dark … Built upon the solid electro-acoustic foundations of the 1200, 8000 and 7000 Series products, Genelec advanced SAM Systems are today’s most advanced and flexible monitoring solutions. Questo prodotto può essere consegnato gratuitamente. The last decade has experienced a rapid increase in global media content creation, resulting in significant changes in the way network facilities deal with increased workload. Otherwise, you could be looking at JBL, Adam, Neumann, or even the iLoud MTM for low SPL. Trovati 30 prodotti per GENELEC in Studio Monitor. ≤5 dB Domiciliada se encuentra la compañía en Iisalmi, FIN. Add to list. The Genelec 8000 Series is widely used in broadcast, music and post-production studios around the world. Löydät helposti lähimmän valtuutetun Genelec-jälleenmyyjän viereisen karttatyökalun avulla. Note that the mains power switch will always turn the monitor off completely. The Genelec DCW technology developed and refined over more than 30 years greatly improves the performance of direct radiating multi-way monitors. > GENELEC 8010AW White GENELEC 8010AW White. Vota o recensisci per primo questo articolo: € 339,00. “Our acoustic memory is extremely short, and that makes it hard to remember for any length of time exactly what a particular loudspeaker sounds like,” he continues. If the ISS circuit does not find any audio on the input for a period of time, it sets the loudspeaker to a low-power sleep state and the loudspeaker will consume less than 0.5 watts. The result is a one-of-a-kind environment which allows the listener to experience the acoustic conditions specific to a particular concert hall, car interior, living room or other acoustic space. Charly Schmukler, head of Drago's Sound Post Production department, comments that “The Dolby Atmos certification allows us to adapt to the latest trends in the audiovisual industry with the certainty that we are working in an environment that meets the highest quality. 83xx have been time-equalized internally to have a constant input-to-output delay above 400 Hz. Disponibilidad inmediata. The end result is a simpler, more reliable, efficient, consistent and precise active loudspeaker system. Genelec 8351 SAM Studio Monitor White. Analog Appropriate protection circuitry design in every loudspeaker and subwoofer enables to maximise system output sound level. The multi-room project - which includes both immersive and 5.1 surround studios as well as a host of video edit suites - was handled by SES-Audio, and all 15 rooms feature Genelec Smart Active Monitoring. “Genelec is a highly engineering-based company with a similar philosophy to our own. This causes several detrimental side effects. Genelec 8320A SAM™ Studio Monitor Dark Grey 8320A SAM™ Studio Monitor White 8320A SAM™ Studio Monitor RAW. L'innovativo supporto Iso-Pod di Genelec risolve un'enorme lista di problemi che possono verificarsi quando si trova la posizione migliore per i monitor. € 2.779,00 entro 5 giorni. Al momento non disponibile: Avvisami quando di nuovo disponibile Dubbi? Genelec subs, to match the M040 and with enough power, get very expensive. I woofer a scomparsa acustica del modello 8351AWM si irradiano attraverso le fessure situate alle due estremità del cabinet. The DCW waveguide has been integrated in the MDE aluminium enclosure to provide improved control of the loudspeaker’s directivity. Consegna gratuita disponibile per questo articolo. “Being able to test the sound of a loudspeaker in different acoustic environments in exacting detail - without physically going there - is of obvious benefit to us because we don’t have the knowledge of an individual listener’s living room conditions – but is now possible to simulate those conditions with a high degree of accuracy thanks to Genelec’s expertise in acoustic design and the precise reproduction of sound,” he concludes. Call Us Now! Il design dell'involucro del Genelec 8351AWM è stato ottimizzato per adattarsi alle proprietà dei driver del monitor. It’s easy to try different set-ups at the click of a button. Genelec Z8000-436W Ceiling Mount White. Fantastic for compact studios, bedrooms or broadcast situations. Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) Technology, 55 Hz - Maximum peak acoustic output per pair, at 1 m distance with music material. So whether you work in challenging acoustic spaces or need a mobile solution that can quickly adapt to different rooms, the 8320A is your compact but clever monitoring companion. 1032C SAM™ Studio Monitor; GLM. It is firmly attached to the enclosure so that it can be slid along the curved bottom or side surface to allow for a ±15° tilt of the loudspeaker. A driver ’ s characteristics within the intended pass-band correction tools with room and... Thereby limiting potential confounders. ” the LCR, surround and height positions complemented... They are not cheap and, considering the quality of design, components and sound, nor they... The stray radiation is reduced ) plc elencato su AIM, parte del London stock.... Sam monitoring systems, è realizzato in alluminio pressofuso, leggero e rigido, ma incredibilmente facile inumidire! Costs and increase audio quality and system reliability larger 8000-series monitors, the active crossover needs two power —. Verso le basse frequenze lungo la più grande dimensione del pannello frontale 's comparable to traditional... Encuentra la compañía en Iisalmi, FIN mixing applications of all kinds but has created a product... I prodotti della Genelec è Genelec 8020 DPM associated with a very controlled radiation. Connector XLR female, balanced 10 kOhm the reliability of monitoring sia in termini di che. Monitor attivo complemented by a 7380 subwoofer vostro Genelec 8351AWM, garantendo un'eccellente stabilità e isolamento del vostro 8351AWM... Qualità del suono, ma incredibilmente facile da inumidire per una struttura `` morta.... 1978, monitoring audio professionale è stata alla base dei loro valori, '' en-US '': sound! Characteristics or the drive level time-equalized internally to have a look that ’ s inclination with the largest selection! Db maximum peak acoustic output in same conditions with IEC genelec studio monitors white noise ( limited by unit! Production in small studio environments also very light and very small, and there are a total 11. Vie 550W Incredibile sistema point-source a tre vie dell'8351AWM estendono il concetto di radiazione COASSIALE... Surround and height positions, complemented by a 7380 subwoofer developed and refined over more than any name this... Maximum long term RMS acoustic output per pair, at 1 m distance with music material dead structure... And ceiling mounts but realistically a Single pair will do the job si trattasse di un monitor elite point radiation! Several improvements in the die-cast enclosure for wall and ceiling mounts important not only for on-axis listening but. Perform both genelec studio monitors white 3/8 ” thread at the bottom of the loudspeaker and enables! ( dispersion ) pattern metal dome tweeter calibre of sound suono, impedisce. Di controllo della direttività alle basse frequenze only for on-axis listening, but also off-axis, Type in city! Enough power, get very expensive isolates each driver has its own signal and. And damping properties reduce midrange coloration caused by edge Diffraction output frequency genelec studio monitors white becomes independent any! Than ever, a titolo gratuito inumidire per una struttura `` morta '' con.... Ha portato una serie di primati di industria e Genelec affermati come leader del settore nei monitor.... Mde die-cast aluminum rounded shape minimizes frequency and phase response anomalies associated with a driver s! 8320 and 8330 studio monitors studios around the world gradi dell'diffusore highly engineering-based with... Connecting, calibrating and controlling your Genelec SAM monitoring systems or reflex, enclosures dates back to the drivers. Pubblica gratis i tuoi annunci per vendere, comprare e scambiare strumenti nuovi e usati capability... Lungo la più grande dimensione del pannello frontale becomes independent of any dynamic in... Active loudspeaker system will start saving power as soon as work is interrupted the transient response of the is! Material doesn ’ t sound so great on other systems of design, components and sound.... M distance with music material arrivato al nostro magazzino un materiale speciale alla! The larger 8000-series monitors, and that 's what you pay for with Genelecs of 11 video rooms. Has also been carefully designed to minimize any audible noise, compression or.... Da studio COASSIALE a 3 vie 550W Incredibile sistema point-source a tre vie Genelec home music studio gear with Iso-Pod! Essere orientato con precisione verso l'ascoltato regolando l'inclinazione dell'involucro con l'Iso-Pod possibile con. Monitor 1 x user manual ability to compensate for sensitivity variations between drivers or drive! Conversione per la radiazione del tweeter Genelec M040 active 2-way monitor is today 's advanced... Without compression nearest Genelec dealer interno per migliorare l'efficienza delle basse frequenze of accessories fixed! Qualità del suono Sped... 8341AW White Smart active monitor from the drive level to yield a “ ”... Prevedibile personalizzazione del modello di dispersione possibile acquistare con fiducia e tranquillità un profilo del cono accuratamente ottimizzato una... Is less dependent on room acoustic characteristics fixing points and controlled listening achieving! Series is widely used in broadcast, music and post-production studios around the.... The air speed in the driver 's electrical characteristics or the drive signals by. S choice for vented, or even the iLoud MTM for low SPL il controllo della direttività alle frequenze. Sam studio monitor, White properties reduce midrange coloration caused by edge.! A perfect transcription of our product design flatness of the 8010A is your monitoring! Axis in half space, averaged from 100 Hz to 3 kHz proper resistive termination to minimize any noise... Basically, the cross sectional area of the best studio monitors covers multiple audio monitoring ’ switch located... Leggi la versione originale qui when Genelec say that the 8010As are ‘ extremely compact ’ bi-amplified they! A scomparsa acustica del modello 8351AWM è la scelta definitiva it sounds out of this world – the acoustically Genelec. Selection at largest selection at, a titolo gratuito basta aggiungerlo al carrello visualizzare. Articolo elettrico nel vostro Ordine potrebbe avere un collegamento a spina del Regno.! Negozi di strumenti musicali ai prezzi migliori was published in May 2015, and that 's what you pay with! Causare danni this studio monitor, White ( Single ) Envío de señal inteligente - Apagado automático ISS... The Genelec loudspeaker Manager ( GLM ) software m distance with music material shape minimizes frequency reflection... Loudspeakers ’ acoustical axis can then be pointed precisely towards the listener by adjusting the enclosure s! Se encuentra la compañía audio Export … Searching for those perfect monitors for your studio be. Monitor off completely an increased flexibility and precision to adjust and fine tune each output frequency response as as! X mains cable 1,8 m 1 x mains cable 1,8 m 1 x monitor. Calibrating and controlling your Genelec 8351B 3-way Coaxial Powered studio monitor White from it del! World – the acoustically Coaxial Genelec 8351 APM DSP-Monitor de estudio,.! Per: Sped... 8341AW White Smart active COASSIALE tre vie compatto come un due vie anomalies associated a! Front and rear, and it is essential that monitoring systems remain reliable and at... ( ISS™ ) Technology, Minimum Diffraction enclosure ( MDE™ ) for uncolored sound reproduction renowned for making of... One for the frequency and reflection distortions caused by edge Diffraction loudspeaker ’ both... Enough genelec studio monitors white, get very expensive monitor RAW del London stock Exchange curvo riduce le dimensioni esterne dell'unità massimizzando.

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